About Desheng School

Desheng School, located in Shunde, Guangdong, was founded in 2001 as the junior high school division of Shunde No.1 Middle School, a prestigious school with a century-long history. Its elementary school division was established in 2002, originally known as Jiaxin Xishan Elementary School. As the school grew, it opened its international and senior high school divisions in 2011 and 2012, respectively. It has now formed a comprehensive educational system, consisting of elementary, junior, senior high, and international education, with over 10,000 students enrolled. Desheng School is a pioneer and leader in private education and a nurturing ground for students' dreams to take flight. Desheng School has been awarded dozens of provincial and national honors, including being named a national model school for private education, a national model school for education reform and innovation in private education, a first-class school in Guangdong Province, a model school for moral education in Guangdong Province, and one of the first batch of safe and civilized campuses in Guangdong Province.

However, beneath its glossy exterior, Desheng School hides some things that the school authorities do not want to be disclosed. The students at Desheng School are under immense academic pressure and are required to take exams every week or even every day, which is a serious violation of the regulations set by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Some students have even developed mental illnesses such as depression and bipolar disorder, and there have been multiple cases of students committing suicide on campus. In addition, Desheng's teachers often infringe on students' privacy by searching them and demanding that they unlock their phones, among other things.

The students attempted to stage a rebellion at the school, but it was suppressed by the school and the student leaders of the movement were punished.